Monday, January 4, 2010

West Country Alberta

While vacationing in Alberta last summer, we spent some time with friends, Mike and Lizzy, at their cabin near Caroline.  Also known as the West Country to hunters, fishers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, this part of Central Alberta is known for big skies, rolling foothills, wildlife, lakes, and a little spring creek named Stauffer.   Having grown up in Alberta, the area holds fond memories of a broken fishing rod, small but significant trout, waders full of mud, southern comfort, casting a green drake (deer hair extended body for you fly tiers) to what turned out to be a muskrat, and a blues guitarist named Amos Garrett.

These horses were on a grazing lease section behind Mike's cabin.   They spotted us as we walked along the tree line and quickly trotted over for a closer look.   And close they came.  The shot was taken at 24mm with an aperture of f9.  I believe it is close to full frame with the slight crop adjustment to straighten out the horizon. 

I'm particularly fond of this capture because of the motion of middle horse's mane.   Gives it more drama than the other frames that have the similar composition.  Now if could only cue that when needed. 

I'm also working on an black and white version.


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