Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Light On Our Feet

Nath Keo and Holly Vivian

I had the opportunity to photograph several dance groups who contributed to Light on our Feet; an event conceived by Holly Vivian, Lead Tech at Metro Studio,  home of Intrepid Theatre.  The festival was a raised funds to acquire specialized lighting that dance companies more often than not have to rent for their productions.  With nearly every organization, artists especially, struggling to find ways to lower their operating costs and still provide good products, the acquisition of these lights will go a long way to enhance the value offering from Metro Studio, and ultimately lower the production expenses and simplify logistics for dance companies.

Kudos to Holly for conceiving and producing the event.  She is a Pro beyond measure!

Below are a few of the artists who contributed.  Special thanks to all the artists who donated their skill and passion.

Lights consisted of 2 White Lightning X1600 strobes.  Main is a Photek Softlighter, camera left, and fill is center high in an shoot thru umbrella.  There is also a silver reflector in camera right.

Here is the lighting diagram: 


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