Friday, January 8, 2010


The Elk Lake Regatta saw crews from western Canada competing for the sole prize of bragging rights among peers and clubs.  What better motivation for boys and girls, men and women to brave the freaking cold conditions on the lake.

I was shooting with a 300mm wide open, and I love this lens.  It is about a quick as it gets to acquiring and keeping focus.  The chase boat I was in needed to make sure that  our wake wouldn't disturb any of the crews, so if you need shots of the leaders, you need the longest glass you can afford.   My second rig was a 70-200.  Other tips I can offer is if you find yourself shooting rowing in cooler temps:  bring extra batteries;  bring warm clothes and layer like crazy; leave some room in our bag to stuff clothes if it gets warm; bring a warm hat -  a trucker hat will not cut it; but don't bring too big a bag (there was a videographer, producer, driver, and me crammed into an 8' zodiac); and most important - keep your eye in the view finder as long as you can tolerate.


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