Saturday, January 23, 2010

Projects for 2010 . . . and beyond

As a sort of roadmap for the year or years for that matter, I've jotted a list of things that I want to photograph.  At first the list started out as collection of things banal and ubiquitous that have for better or worse attached themselves so deeply to our lives that we often take their wonder and ingenuity for granted.  What I want to do is portray those ordinary things in a manner that makes them extraordinary.  I want to approach the items on the list with a new sense of sight and thought - find another perspective, hopefully learn some important lessons along the way.  You'll notice absent from the list is the Brangalina.  But please, if you can get the message out to their people, tell them I have an idea for spray on starch that Brad and Angelina should seriously consider.  The idea is to go freestyle on the subjects, no holds barred.  Masse shots encouraged.  You will see some gawd awful stuff along the way, but you might see a couple gems too.


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