Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blue Skies in January - what are the chances

Here are a series of images that Kristie Clarke and I collaborated on a shoot near the top of Beacon Hill Park.  The original concept of the shoot was  fitness lifestyle in the the dark, overcast, almost stormy Vancouver Island winter.  The weather leading up to the shoot was looking promising with rain, wind, and general nastiness.  Then on the day of the shoot - blue skies!  Oh well, let's work it.

For this shot I underexposed the background by a few stops, placed a White Lightning X1600 with standard reflector camera right at full power.  

For the this shot (and the first image), we used a beauty dish on camera left with the sun coming in from behind Kristie on camera right, giving her a nice rim highlight.

Special thanks to Kristie for collaborating!  I look forward to working together again.

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